Beginning of a beautiful journey

Its not a new thing, that every time someone mentions college days the start mentioning how cool were the good old days. when I say that ninety nine percent people are nostalgic about the time they spent in their college. They recall those days as “the best days of their lives.” it do not imply,  that their current situation is bad; it only suggests that those were the days when you were young, carefree, and only responsibility was to make good grades and enjoy the evergreen college life. Alma mater  taught us to embrace life with a passion and dedication.

               it is not only the education from our college or university, but many more things, so it is imperative that we try to give as much back and this giving back may be in many forms, one is by staying connected with your seniors and juniors. Role of Alumni for the institution as said by someone that today student is tomorrows alumnus, lets begin with what you can do, you can give back to your Alma mater much more like an expert in your field you can provide counselling to young students who can soak themselves in the sea of your knowledge and experience.

So if you’ve been long forgotten your Alma mater, rectify the situation and Get registered in the network of DUVASU alumni. Please share and comment as it will help make a reach into the DUVASU